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Dr Sara Norris Naturopathic Doctor based in LA

We loved having Dr. Norris as our family doctor.

As new parents she put us at ease with her calm and caring approach to our son’s health.  Whatever concern we had, whether it was his first bout of croup or a weird rash, she was always knowledgeable and offered helpful solutions and peace of mind.

She offers a practical mix of traditional western and naturopathic solutions and drew on a range of tools to address our family’s health needs.  As a parent herself, we found her first-hand experience and insights invaluable.  We highly recommend her!

Bekah and Patrick Mandell-Wood

Dr. Sara Norris provides an excellent survey of natural health care services.  

As a longtime vegetarian who knows first hand the power of natural medicine, I can attest that after a traumatic accident last year, the level of wellness that I enjoy today is a direct result of Sara’s laser focus on healing and attention to detail.  …When I was hit by an SUV while crossing the street a year ago, I really didn’t now if I would ever feel whole again.   Fortunately the vehicle was moving at relatively slow speed.  Nevertheless, I suffered multiple injuries throughout my body, including my neck and spine.  One year later, 90% of the pain is gone and my confidence is being restored as well.


“I recommend Dr. Sara Norris because in addition to being a physician, she is a compassionate woman with keen perception.”

Her genuine warmth and understanding create the space for healing to happen.  She is knowledgeable about homeopathic remedies and herbs as well as traditional options for treatment.

Dr. Sara is a very good listener, and takes time to thoroughly explain symptoms and treatments, and to hone in on just the right remedy.  I went to see her with symptoms of depression and have found relief with the treatments she recommended.

Mary B.

Like many others, I turned to a Naturopathic doctor because I needed relief from symptoms my primary care physician couldn’t alleviate.

Trying to navigate the supplements and vitamin aisle alone was daunting and expensive. All the self-help books I have purchased throughout the years were piling up and I had no real plan on how to deal with mounting stress, insomnia, and migraines.

…VIOLA! Miracles! Not only I am getting a good night’s rest after years of poor sleep, I finally found a doctor who listens to the whole situation, not just a ache or pain.

She also has a well established web of other practitioners in the area to recommend for true holistic living.

I recommend to Dr. Norris to everyone!


Having been frustrated by the usual medical systems in place, I decided to try naturopathy.

This has proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made… She took the time to become familiar with all aspects of my health including diet, exercise, work environment, psychological outlook, family and social life. It was very comprehensive. At my second appointment, she recommended botanical tinctures to alleviate some problems found with my blood. (I had blood tests done at her request.) She also recommended essential changes in my diet. Amazingly, I started to regain my health within a week. Dr. Norris is the voice of reason in a medical world that makes little sense to me. Her compassionate approach, vast medical knowledge, and positive attitude, are some of the many reasons I can recommend her highly.

Frank B.

I started seeing Dr. Norris at the beginning of 2011 for excessive menstrual bleeding which was caused by artificial hormonal birth control, which I had using for many years prior.

I thought it would take about six months for my body to reset to regular cycles after stopping their use, but instead I had irregular cycles for nearly two years. Initially, I had really short cycles with weeks in between, and later, I started having extremely heavy cycles that lasted up to ten weeks. My allopathic primary care provider could only ascertain that I was severely anemic, but could not offer anything other than more artificial hormones to help bring the bleeding under control. Dr. Norris was able to help me bring the bleeding back under control, and over the next few months helped my body re-establish a regular cycle. I also noticed that the intensity of my heavy menstrual cramping decreased significantly, and my sensitivity to the signals of my body, the changes in hormones, has increased so that I’m better able to tune into what my body needs.

Lastly I want to talk about the mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of working with Dr. Norris. I also do depth psychotherapy with my own therapist, and I’m able to bring that work in to the sessions with Dr. Norris. During this time of heavy bleeding, I was also working through childhood attachment and trauma issues. I found it helpful to have my body supported into balance during this time.

Dr. Norris has been an amazing resource for me. I appreciate her authenticity and warmth in our relationship, which is just as important as her extensive medical training.


Sara Norris has been a part of mine and my children’s lives since June of 2014.

Since then, she has educated us all on ways of treating our bodies in ways that fight off illness more naturally, as opposed to turning to medicine at the sign of every symptom. She knows us and our children very well, and is always there to help and provide advice.

Sara is a phenomenal doctor, and I feel very lucky that we ran into her, and had the pleasure of being her patients.

Aaron S.

Dr. Sara Norris treats her patients with compassion and respect.

She looks at the patient as a whole person rather than a symptom. On your first appointment, great care and time are spent figuring out your lifestyle, health habits, and emotional wellbeing. For a doctor to spend hours with a person getting to know multiple aspects of what could be contributing to their health is rare these days. Dr. Norris’ holistic approach really resonates with me. I would highly recommend Dr. Norris to anyone!


Dr. Sara Norris is a telemedicine Naturopathic Doctor specializing in women’s health, hormones, skin, and digestive health based in Los Angeles and serving you via phone or video anywhere in California.

Mailing address  2275 Huntington Dr #238, San Marino, CA 91108
Phone  (323) 844-3374
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