Conventional medicine can be pretty frustrating.

Most MD’s are not trained in the intricacies of the female hormonal system, or how external factors like diet, lifestyle, and stress can impact its delicate balance.

When you approach your PCP and/or gynecologist with health issues like anxiety and depression, brain fog, insomnia, or any sort of menstrual complications, they often offer limited answers (if any), and undesirable long-term “solutions.”

Like staying on birth control all your life, just because you have bad PMS. (Spoiler alert: there are other options!)

As your symptoms persist, you feel increasingly dismissed / crazy / not understood / rushed out of the office / offloaded to unnecessary specialists (who ALSO aren’t listening and/or don’t know how to help you).

But the real travesty is that Western women have been raised to believe this is all their fault.

That it’s just a matter of willpower, or finding the right diet.

The good news is, women are finally starting to reject these systems.

They’re refusing to settle for a healthcare system that wasn’t designed with them in mind.

And they’re not stopping until they get some answers.

“I recommend Dr. Sara Norris because in addition to being a physician, she is a compassionate woman with keen perception.

Her genuine warmth and understanding create the space for healing to happen. She is knowledgeable about homeopathic remedies and herbs as well as traditional options for treatment.

Dr. Sara is a very good listener, and takes time to thoroughly explain symptoms and treatments, and to hone in on just the right remedy. I went to see her with symptoms of depression and have found relief with the treatments she recommended.” –Mary B.

Dr. Norris is on a mission to get you feeling better as quickly as possibly, using the most effective, least invasive treatment options available.

She’s got actual answers. She’ll listen to you. And she’ll work with you to achieve optimal health—not just put band-aids on your symptoms.

“Dr. Sara Norris treats her patients with compassion and respect. She looks at the patient as a whole person rather than a symptom.

On your first appointment, great care and time are spent figuring out your lifestyle, health habits, and emotional wellbeing. For a doctor to spend hours with a person getting to know multiple aspects of what could be contributing to their health is rare these days.

Dr. Norris’ holistic approach really resonates with me. I would highly recommend Dr. Norris to anyone!” – Brenna