I use my experience, research, and conscience to feature supplements in my online store. I use these products every day in my practice because they adhere to the highest pharmaceutical-grade standard.

The supplement manufacturers I recommend use GMP standards (put forth by the FDA) or they are a FDA registered manufacturing facility. To read more about regulations in the supplement industry read my article.

If you’re new to this website peruse the “my favorites” section, where you’ll find my top 50 general recommendations for multi-vitamins, skin care products, immune support, fish oils, kids products, etc.

Once you’re a patient I’ll make specific recommendations for you. You can choose to buy these here through my distributor or elsewhere. I’ve negotiated 10% off retail (MSRP) price if you go through my distributor, but that is up to you. Bottom line, I set this up because I’m interested in recommending a safe supplement, that gets you results, and can be trusted. But to be transparent, I do receive a small percentage of the sales from this site since I went through and hand picked the products myself.

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