Common conditions treated by Dr. Norris:


Dr. Norris provides primary care for children of all ages, including newborns. She is often consulted for skin issues and digestive concerns in children. Common conditions include eczema, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, constipation, diarrhea, reflux, and unexplained abdominal pain. She also sees kids, and adolescents, with ADD, ADHD, and other emotional concerns.

Dr. Norris is enthusiastic about her pediatric practice and offers alternative vaccine schedules for parents who wish to slow or delay the vaccines they are giving their child(ren). She is able to prescribe medications like antibiotics, asthma inhalers, and topical medications, and has childhood vaccines available in her clinic.

Many parents establish with Dr. Norris as their child’s primary care doctor. They value her natural approach to common conditions such as ear infections, coughs, colds, anxiety, and eczema. If she feels that antibiotics, steroids, or another Rx is the best treatment choice she may offer you this as an option as well.

Another common reason parents establish with Dr. Norris is to have their children tested for food intolerances/allergies/sensitivities. She can advise on elimination diets or do blood work (offered as a traditional blood draw or a finger prick). With infants who are still nursing, she sometimes will do the blood work on mom and not the child, depending on the history and indications.

Family Medicine

This includes natural, and conventional, treatment for common conditions such as colds/flus, urinary tract infections, ear infections, asthma, allergies, sinus congestion, etc.

Dr. Norris is able to write prescriptions for birth control, thyroid medication, antibiotics, blood pressure medication, anti-depressants, hormones (bio-identical), etc and will refer to specialists when appropriate.


This is one of the areas where naturopathic medicine really outshines conventional treatments. Conventional treatment options for dermatological concerns often stop at topical or oral steroids, or worse: chemotherapeutics, and the only options offered are stronger and stronger medications. Dr. Norris has success offering natural treatment options for eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, seborrheic dermatitis, acne, hair loss, unexplained rashes, and more.

Women’s Health

This is another area where conventional medicine is limited in treatment options. There is a plethora of effective ways to treat common conditions affecting women such as PMS, heavy cycles, chronic yeast infections, hormone imbalances, ovarian cysts and fibroids, acne, interstitial cystitis, thyroid disorders, vulvar pain, hair loss, etc with natural medicine. Dr. Norris also provides annual visits including breast and pap exams.

Dr. Norris is able to write prescriptions medications, including thyroid medication, birth control, antibiotics, and more in the case she feels this is the better choice for treatment at this time. She is also well versed in the use of bio identical hormone replacement for the management of menopausal symptoms.


Dr. Norris has a special interest in treating fertility concerns in men and women. She offers consults, and treatments, for fertility concerns, whether there is a known cause for infertility, unexplained infertility, or you are just preparing for conception. See Dr. Norris’ article on fertility at her blog for more information.


Dr. Norris enjoys treating patients with auto-immune and immunological concerns because there are generally poor choices for many of these conditions in conventional medicine. She has experience, and success, treating thyroid disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, mono, unexplained fatigue, allergies, chronic hives, and more.

Mental Health

Naturopathic medicine is a great choice for those looking to treat depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, etc. with natural treatment options. Dr. Norris has successfully helped ween patients off of psych meds and onto more natural options such as herbs/botanical medicine, amino acid supplements, nutritional changes, and using homeopathy. Please note that the timeframe, and safety, of weaning someone off of these medications is different for each person, but with commitment to the treatment plan most people are candidates for alternative treatment.

Digestive Concerns/Gastroenterology

Dr. Norris offers safe and effective natural treatments for conditions including: IBS, diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux, ulcers, esophagitis, abdominal pain, gas, and autoimmune conditions such as ulcerative colitis and chrons disease.

Environmental medicine/chelation therapy

When indicated, Dr. Norris offers screening labs to determine if someone is holding higher levels of lead, mercury, cadmium, etc in their body. If they have elevations in these levels she will proceed with a gentle cleanse or chelation therapy to reduce the levels of these metals in the body. Patients without high levels of heavy metals will likely be offered cleansing regiments that are less harsh to the body.