Free 15 minute consultations:

If you have questions regarding the use of Naturopathic medicine with your condition, set up a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss how Naturopathic medicine can help.

Call Dr. Norris at (323) 844-3374 to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to see if her expertise matches your needs. 

Ready to commit, here is what to expect with your initial visit:

Initial visits are a bit longer, which allows Dr. Norris to get to know you and address your health holistically. The first office visit is approximately 60 minutes in length.

During the first visit, Dr. Norris listens to your health concerns, gathers a complete and comprehensive medical history, performs relevant physical exams and may suggest additional laboratory tests. It is helpful for you to bring previous lab work (the last 5 years should do) and bring all current medications and supplements to your first visit. You will walk out of this visit with specific treatment recommendations based on your individual needs.

Dr. Norris practices using the least intervention for the greatest benefit: her protocols are designed to address your symptoms while we create a plan to address, and find, the cause of your illness.

Dr. Norris’ protocols are informed by evidence-based research on natural therapies.

What about follow-up visits?

Follow-up visits are important to make sure your health is improving until you are all better. Despite all efforts, sometimes the first medicine prescribed may not work for you, and we’ll need to re-evaluate our information and adjust our plan.

Typically, follow-up visits will take place around two-four weeks and last approximately 30-40 minutes.


California does not mandate insurance companies to cover Naturopathic Doctors as “in-network” providers, which means they don’t and therefore you are unable to use your insurance up front. Here is a great article about insurance reimbursement for ND visits put together by the California Association of Naturopathic Doctors, to help answer your questions about reimbursment.
If you have a PPO insurance plan, or one that allows you to see “out-of-network” doctors then you will likely get reimbursed for all or a portion of your visit. If you have Kaiser, Medi-Cal, or an HMO insurance plan your insurance company will not likely reimburse you. If you have a HSA and/or FSA account with your work or insurance plan you can likely use this to pay for your visit and/or supplements.

New Patient Adult or Child: $340. Choose this option if you are establishing care for the first time, including if you would like an annual exam or well child exam (as a new patient).

Follow-up Adult or Child: $240. (appointments typically last up to 40 minutes, face to face with Dr. Norris)

Annual Exam for Adult: $320. (appointments typically last up to one hour)

Annual Well Woman Exam (including pap if needed): $320.

Well Child Exam: $240.

New Patient: Vaccine Consultation Only: $260. (appointments typically last up to 40 minutes)

Any laboratory fees or natural pharmacy items that may be recommended are not included in the appointment fee. If you have a PPO insurance plan, your labs and/or imaging will likely be covered by your carrier. If you don’t have insurance, or have a high deductible, Dr. Norris works with many labs who offer reduced prices for patients paying cash (i.e. not using insurance).

Office Policies

Cancellation policy: We require a 24-hour notice to cancel your appointment. Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment will be charged $100. Personal emergencies will be given reasonable courtesy consideration.

On Time policy: Appointment length will not be extended due to late arrival. We will email you patient forms at least 2 days prior to your appointment. For your convenience you may also download them below. Otherwise, please arrive 20-25 minutes prior to your first appointment to fill out New Patient Information forms. This enables us to maximize your time with the doctor.

Fee Schedule and Clinic Policies

Consent Forms

Adult Intake

Pediatric Intake 7-17 years

Pediatric Intake birth-6 years

Financial policy: Payments are expected upon receipt of professional services and natural pharmacy items. Payments can be made by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, cash, or check.

Insurance: Questions about how much your insurance will reimburse you for the visit? Use this form to assist in calling them to ask your questions. Or check out this page from the California Association of Naturopathic Doctors.

Request Records from your other provider: Click Here to download our records request form that you can mail or fax to your prior doctor’s office.

Policies are subject to the good graces of Dr. Norris.  We are sometimes willing to bend, break, or ignore them.

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