I believe naturopathic medicine is the primary care medicine of the future. It offers the perspective of both conventional medicine (or that provided by a traditional MD) and evidence-based natural medicine. My philosophy of medical care is individualized and considers which route of medicine is best for you at this time.

I stick with the forms of natural medicine that are evidence-based, which are typically botanical (herbal) medicine, well-researched supplements, homeopathics, and lifestyle modifications. My patients appreciate that I distill down for them the known benefits and side effects from natural and conventional treatments versus that which is currently unknown or speculative.

What sets me apart from my colleagues is my openness to find the correct solution for my patients, whether that is something I can offer or if I feel a referral is a better choice. I’m not looking to waste your time or money finding a natural solution, if I don’t feel it’s a good fit or won’t work for you.

I refer out to specialists when it is appropriate and I am happy to work collaboratively with your primary care doctor as well.

Education and Work Experience

Dr. Norris received her medical degree in Naturopathic Medicine from National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM), located in Portland, Oregon. She completed her pre-medicine studies at University of Wisconsin and holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance.

Prior to moving to Los Angeles, with her family (her husband is a LA county native) in July 2017, she was recruited to be an attending physician for a prestigious medical clinic in Burlington, Vermont. She was at this family medical practice in Vermont for four years before she yearned to be back on the west coast. Prior to Vermont, she worked at a community clinic in the Bay Area for many years.

Accomplishments/Awards to date:

From 2013-2017, Dr. Norris was an attending physician at an integrative medical clinic in Burlington, Vermont. She was recruited to move across country for this position, and mentored residents and medical students in their training. In addition to her roles at Mountain View Natural Medicine and Eastern View Integrative Medicine, she also lectured for other MD physicians at University of Vermont Medical School and was a admitting physician for two local hospitals.

From 2016-2017 she held a position with Vermont’s Blueprint for Health, a nationally recognized initiative that designed community-led strategies for improving health and well-being.

From 2010-2013, Dr. Norris volunteered at Charlotte Maxwell Clinic in Oakland, California to provide complimentary care for patients with cancer.

Dr. Norris has always been deeply committed to activism and social justice, and in 2009 was awarded a grant for her dedication to community outreach within Portland’s community clinics.

In 2007, Dr. Norris helped develop a study of breast cancer patients in Portland, Oregon. This study was done in conjunction with local oncologists at Oregon’s most prestigious hospital, OHSU. This randomized-placebo, controlled study looked at the immune benefits with cancer-care education and meditation/relaxation in women receiving radiation for breast cancer.

Dr. Norris has traveled to Washington, DC and Sacramento multiple times to speak directly with legislators about federal and state healthcare reform, and she continues to work with the California Naturopathic Doctors Association (CNDA) on legislative issues affecting her community-at-large. Her current advocacy is focused on increasing access, and reimbursement, for patients with insurance, particularly those with HMO plans and Medi-Cal.