Naturopathic medicine for women’s health

Your endometriosis is treatable. 

And so is your fatigue, your depression, your PCOS, your bloating, and your PMDD.

If you’ve been struggling to find a holistic approach beyond what your gynecologist can offer… hi. 👋🏼 You’re going to love me.

Please note

Dr. Norris will be leaving the primary care field starting January 1, 2022 and transitioning her practice to telehealth only appointments (phone and zoom) on that date.

If you are a new patient you are welcome to schedule with her at her current clinic location (Paracelsus in Pasadena) and you can transfer your care to her telehealth platform in January.

For existing (or new) patients looking to schedule an appointment for January or later please use link above to book an appointment. 

Well-informed expert treatments, beyond the gyno.

Your gynecologist will typically offer you two main courses of treatment: hormonal birth control and pharmaceuticals. Sometimes, these totally work! And sometimes, they sort of work, but not for everything (i.e., they ease your heavy flow and cramps but do nothing for your brain fog, depression, and anxiety). And sometimes they cause more problems than they cure. The point is, there is a wealth of additional treatment options to explore. Your endometriosis is TOTALLY treatable, and so is your fatigue, your anxiety, your small uterine fibroids, your eczema, your digestive issues, and more.

I’ve spent the past decade working with patients on issues like endometriosis, heavy / painful menses, acne & other skin concerns, gut health, fertility, and hormonal changes. Whether you actively have a uterus, used to have a uterus & don’t anymore, or you’re transitioning—I’m your lady. Woman. Doctor. You get it.

Dr. Sara Norris is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) with extensive training and expertise in both conventional AND natural methods. She’s committed to finding the best and most effective treatment for every patient, blending the best of both styles of medicine.

Why naturopathic medicine (and what even is that)?

When you become frustrated with the long wait times, too-short appointments, excessive pharmaceuticals, and limited scope of conventional (allopathic) medicine…

You start seeking alternatives. Naturally!

Once you do, however, you often find yourself lost in an overwhelming cluster of conflicting advice, murky science, and a lack of compassion for the day-to-day realities of modern life.

Fun fact: Naturopathic medicine lives in the middle of these two extremes.

A Naturopathic Doctor (ND) is trained at a federally accredited, 4-year post-graduate medical school. They receive training in the same medical sciences as an MD (pharmaceuticals, imaging, labs, etc.), with additional studies in herbal medicine, nutrition, counseling, homeopathy, and more.

The ND’s mission is to restore health and promote wellness in their patients using the safest, most effective, and least invasive therapies available.

(By the way—Dr. Norris believes this knowledge should be accessible to ALL doctors, and is actively working with both the university system and the California legislature to make that a reality.)

About Dr. Norris

Dr. Sara Norris is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor specializing in women’s health, hormones, skin, and digestive health. She knows what tests need to be done, which questions need to be asked and what treatments will bring about long-lasting solutions. Dr. Norris has held positions on various state boards focused on integrative medicine, and received multiple awards for her involvement with community clinics.

Throughout her career her mission has been to give people access to the information, education, and solutions they need to treat their health in the most effective and holistic ways possible.