About Dr. Norris

Dr. Norris is excited to be part of the healthcare team at GraceFull Clinic and Birth Center located in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

In her own words...

After over a decade of practicing medicine, I offer a unique blend of care to my patients. I love showcasing the best evidence-based natural medicine available, complimented by what we know from traditional and conventional medicine. I think it's important to acknowledge that natural medicine can be very effective for many people, especially when it's combined with better tools for lifestyle changes centered around sleep, diet, exercise, and mental/emotional health. I look at the whole person and spend the time getting to know my patients so I can find the solution that makes them feel their best.

-Dr. N


About Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Doctors (NDs), also referred to as Naturopathic Medical Doctors (NMD), offer a unique blend of training in conventional medicine and natural therapeutics.  NDs attend federally-accredited four year post-graduate level medical schools and are trained in the same medical sciences and treatment options (pharmaceuticals, imaging, labs, etc.) as Medical Doctors (MDs).

Patients seek Naturopathic medicine for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons include poor outcomes with pharmaceutical treatments prescribed by a conventional medical doctor, wanting to spend more time with their doctor, looking for a provider that treats their patients holistically, and seeking a doctor trained in alternative therapies.

Services Offered

Dr. Norris can be your primary care provider or work alongside your PCP or specialist. Your first appointment is scheduled one on one with Dr. Norris for up to 1 hour and follow-up appointments are typically up to 40 minutes.

Dr. Norris is a holistic family doctor, which means she can address most of your health concerns by offering a blend of conventional and holistic/natural medicine. She has a special interest in areas of women's health (hormone balancing, heavy or irregular menses, hypothyroidism, menopause symptoms, annual exams), pediatrics (alternative vaccine schedules, well child exams), dermatology (eczema, acne, hives), and gastroenterology (IBS, chronic constipation, GERD).

Her treatment offerings include: botanical medicine (western herbs), evidence-based supplements, food allergy/sensitivity testing, homeopathy, pharmaceuticals (including bioidentical hormones), and diet & lifestyle counseling.

Dr. Norris is currently accepting new patients!

Check out our online scheduling portal through GraceFull clinic and birth center's website. Here is the direct link. Any questions? See our page about becoming a patient or FAQs page.